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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  August 23, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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fifteen minutes could save you fifteen perct or more. ♪ ♪ >> wendy: that's the great thing about wigs. just pull th hair out and throw it on the ground. so "the hollywood report" named our next guest one of the 25 most powerful stylists. he's also a co-host on one of my favorite shows ashion poce" and today he's here to dish on the latest celebrity faions. please welcome to the show gege kotsioplos. let me tell you something, i was
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saying it allorrect right up until that kotsiopoulos. >> it's okay. i forgive anyone cause it's a mouthful. >> wendy: iisten to joan say it. i love you on fashion police. you are such a grt addition to that show. >>hank you. thank you. >> wendy: and i lovet because while jo is making us laugh and kelly is like her right hand in th, you and julianna are kind of sic and you bring it all in. like your role on that show. >> thank you. thank you. >> wdy: who is most stylish out of the three of them. >> oh, wendy. that's like chsing -- a parent chsing their favorite child. i could never do that. >> wendy: th all have different styles. >> kelly is, like, the young gi who can experiment with fashion and ha fun and start trends and joan, has the bli and has all of the jewelry and the queen of kwqvc, and we love hefor that. u have some bling. i notic it and giuliani is
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sexier, dirtier victoria beck am. she has an amazing body and she can do whateverhe wants. congratulations on you, bill and the baby. >> yes. yes. it is exciting. >> wendyi know i want to sit there whe she's ou on maternity. kimora simns. she was so good this past weekend. i saw her there. >> wa, what maternity. she's going to have a baby. >>'ll hold the baby wle we're shooti. it's fine. bring it on. >> wendy: she has to take some family time. so listen, here at the show we came up with our own veion of "fashion police" and we call it csi, celebrity style inveigation so let's play. hit it! ♪ ♪ so we're going tostart with fashion dui celebties look like they dressed under th influence. who's our first worst offender?
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first up, whave the lovely nickminaj, okay? she's in london. it'sot like -- she's just dressing like a toder. what is i it's like a '90s club kid. get it. it's h personality and her persona,ut she's dressed lik a toddr. >> wendy: what do you ink she should do? >> it's not even -- i think with lady gaga and katy perry they're dressing czy and it's been done and we've become desensitized and it's, like, oh, it's just another crazy tfit. it'sot fresh and interesting, maybe just go minimalist. >> a nude suit and then a colored wig or something. >> i love cki, anything that makes smile. >> wendy: she dares to be different. who is our next dui offender. >> you're going to love this one. okay. so i was the glaad awards a coup of weeks ago and cher
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presented an award to her son and she shows up with this humongous, big,afro. >> wendy: stup afro wig. >> why? i mean, fit of all, it's like diana ross' old ir. why? why? why? it makes you smile so you have to love it, but why? >> wendy: but why? >> she's cher, she can do whatever she wants. whatever she wants. wen dy: as a wiggiehere's always aig in the repertoire that we need to burn. cher, that would b yours. >> itasn't even aood wig. it was like a hollywood boulevard cheap costume wig. gotta love her. >> the next is "style steelers." the first one is jessica simpson and kim zolciak. >> robertocavalli. >> wdy: and they're both pregnant. who wearing it best? >> they look lovely, my probl with this ess is it's meant for a girl who is almost
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showing. you want to hide your pregnanty not -- this is too muc pregnancy like when beyonce wore that autiful gown. if she wasn't doing that we wouldn't knoshe was pregnant. this dresss for someone at's not quite showing i have to givet to kim because she's not showing. but when you're pregnant like that you want to define your breasts and show yr shape to show you're pregnant, otherwise you look like you ate toomuch. >> wendy: the next style steelers arekiki palmer and taylor swift. >> they' aring this printed dress from ted baker. this is kind of -- this is a tough one. i don't like the tigs with taylor's outfit. i think they're too dark and they're o heavy. they should be a sheer. sheer or nothing. the fit is bter on taylor, but i love kiki'sare legs and she is just so cute. she's such a cutie that i have to choose kiki for sure. >> wendy: our next category is
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best dreed lineup and we'll look at the best dressed actresses in hollywood lately on the red carpet and i think you' in agreeance with this, too. let's take look. >> it was at the wte house correspoent's dinr. elizabeth banks is inhis gorgeous plum gowns a they accentuate your waist and hide your belly and give u hips. the nude is orgeous. it's cain klein, it's minimal and ese oversized looks are ve big for spring and mmer and kerry can do no wrong d then there's kate hudson. >> wendy: i love that ess. it's sparkly and this is something at michelle obama would wear. it's parkly, but it's covered up and very elegant. perfect r the event. >> wendy: it's ry beautiful, anyou are very cu. george, everybody. thank you for a though investigatioand you guys, "fashion police" airs friday nights at 10:00 on e. up next, one lucky audience
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this greek style gurt has style. you can say that again. why thank you. this greek style yogurt has sty. okay. stop saying it now. you're sending me mixedessages. [ male announcer ] muller. the european for yummy. >> to wendy to see wendy moment, sign up for our newsletter. that what are you waiting for? ♪ ♪ ♪ >> wendy: welcome back, everybody. our 500th show is right arou the corner and we're celebrating all month long. so right now is time for one lucky audience member to come do and step into thwendy 5,000 money booth. for a shot at grabbing $5,000.
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and today's audience member is -- sorry. tu trung. hi, tu trung! >> oh, my god! i'm so excited you look more fabous in person. >> wendy: thank you. where did you come from? >> out offon, tex. >> wendy: perfect. perfect. is is what you do. put on your ggles so you don't get anything in your eyes like $100 bill or something andlook, put this around. tie it in the back, come on, come on, come on. tie it around and you'll put all your money insideof the pockets so we make it easy for you. what we wantou to do as you're tying, walk around the booth, and oh, tu trung.
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there's $5,000 in there. there's only one rul your hands have to stay above yr waist and no picking up off the floor. >>ut the money in my pocket. >> wendy: 30 seconds on the clock. ready? set. go! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> wendy: use your pocks. tu trung, use yr pockets n. grab it! eight, seven, six, five four, three, two, one! tima up! come on out tu trung. >> tu trung wasn't using her pockets at first. >> i'm so excited. >> wdy: it doesn't matter. >> wendy: listen, when we come back we'll find out how muc
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it ireally incredible. i didn't know what tutrung's technique was, and i figured she'd wald away with two bus. the womanrabbed $1,221 in our ney booth. fantastic! anyway, moving along, so our next guest pled one of our favoritevoms in the '80s sitcom "family ties," but listen, while she was making us laugh on scen, off screen she was dealing with serious mily drama in her personal life and she ote all about it in her new york times best-selling bk called "untied." please welcome to our sh, meredith baxter. hi, meredith! you look terrific. welcome. >> thank you. >> wendy: happy to see you. thank you.
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you look go! >> thank you. >> wendy: ur coloring -- the skin coloring and the hair and thwhole bit. >> some it's makeup, you know. >> wendy: no, meup is good, too. so we all remember you as elise keaton. >> tha you. thank you. jo and do you have happ memories from the years of "fily ties?" >> so many. it was an ois for me. i loved being able to -- it was a fe place for me to go, and happen to lovehose people. i thk one of the reasons our show was s popular is we had a real love and rard and respect for each other, and i think you can se it on the screenand when t cameras weren't roll we were laughing and playing and wrestling. >>endy: it was tabloid fodder in that time, we never read about discoue behind the scenes of the show. the keaton family seed like a fun family to be involved with. is it true that you and michael fox commuted and carpooled to
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work at one point? >> yea. when we started the show. he lived not o far from me and i don't remember why he wasn't driving. maybe he was, like, 15, and si said i'll peck yick you up at a certain me and i pulled up behind this apartmt. >> wendy: l.a. thing, back alle >> driving back alleys in l.a. there aren't a wholeot here on e east coast. >> that's right. >> wendy: the back alley thing. >> no back alleys. we're known for them, yes. okay i pulled in, and expected him to come running out at the tootf the horn and what i hear is the shower go on. i forgot, he's, like a teenage boy, but it became a wonderful relationship, and i dearlyove him. the best. >> wendy: in your bk "untied" you explain lot of the differen things that were going on behind the scenes in your
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fe while the family ties was an oasis, at home there were serious issues. you were talng in terms of your marriages and abuse. talk about that a lite bit. >> wl, you know, i think wn you're raise-- -- anyone grows up and there w a lot of rejection and abdonment, emotional abandonmentn my house growing up. my mother had us ca her by her first name bause she didn't want to be associated with us as r mother because she wanted to be an actress. she didn'tnow what she was causing, but it created a horrible thing for me personally, anyway. i thought i was unloved and uncared for, and iad no self-esteem and to consequently, i di't know what it ft like to be a loved person, so consequently i didn't recoize a real relationship when i saw it. >> wendy: gotit. i' old enough to remember "bridget loves bernie." i know that show was only on for
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one season. i remembers a little girl watching iin the '70s. you and bernie ended up getting marrd. >> yea. >> wendy: in realive. how manyears were you married to bernie? >> his name is david bernie. we were married 15 years. >> wendy: ande is the father of -- >> three of my five. >> wendy: thre of your five children. >> and y talk about abuse in the bookp. was that mtal abuse or physicalabuse? >> ran the gamut, okay, it was all there, but if any of you know this, there doesn't have to be a lot ofhysical abuse because if it's that card is play once or twice it's a fast move and yougo, okay. okay. it don't have to happen a lot, but i've talked to so many wen who have gone thugh domestic abuse, and i speak at many events about domestic abuse, what i find is that it's the
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coosive effectf emotional and verbal abuse that is so vastating. it takesou down, someone of rmally strongiber and confidence can be worn t death. >>endy: can this be going sometimes in front of your friends and your ds, this abuse? >> yes. >> wendy: wow! so you ended up divorcing. >> yea. >> wendy: and then years lat you were forced to come out of e closet on "the tod show." talk about that a bi >> whoa. thanks. had gone on a lbian cruise which is a good indication right there, don't you think? >> wendy: with your girlfriend? >> yea. >> wendy: and i had all my friends and family knew that i decided i was a lesbn. that was pretty clear to me, and -- but no one knew in t
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film industry. i thought, i've got to kee that secret because i thought wha are they going say about america's farite mom, you know? ani'm sure there's a lesbian mom in our audience somewhere so you know that it certainly is -- they co-exist -- >> wendy: but when you went o o the "today" show. you were forced to out -- >> when i came off the cruise, therwere questionnaires and ople were plaguing my manager and they're wanted tknow what's going on? we have pictures. i was in the receiving endof tabloid qutions before and they take something tt's a se of truth and distort it. it's cruel and it involves other people and i couldt let that happen. >> wendy: so you had you team book you on the "today" show. >> it wasn't my idea,nd thought it was good advice.
5:53 pm
i thought was setting myself up on television because who has to do that? why should anybody have to that >> wendy: you took control of something that could have otherwise en in the hands of tabloids which is great. by the way, howid youealize thatou were gay? were you gay all along and you were trying to hide that by being married? >> here's the thing. i don't know, but beuse i said -- didn't knowhat a real relationship look like. i didn't kno how you were supposed to be. i had never see a healthy relationship, and i really felt beuse t way i function that i was just looking to hold in any part in the storm and so if you're treading water and jt trying to keep your head above water and not own, if you find something that fills like a life raft you don't pay a lot of attention to what sex it is, you know? >> wendy: gotcha. you're in a relationship now, you and your girlfriend.
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you look similar. i'm glad you're happy now. 's called "untied." the author and actress meredh baxter is here. the book is out in paperback now and everne in our studio afor years we've been searching for the foundation
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>> wendy: welcome back, everybody. okay. 's time for today's audience giveaway. hit it! ♪ ♪ ♪ >> peect. all right, let's see what it is. i know it's somethi good. ♪ ♪ >> wendy: this is a brilliance hairstyling iron. you can use it. it's a new half an inch curling model. it curls,lips and straightens your hair. plus it locks the humidity and
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locks in moisture so you'll ve a ne, smooth finish and the chi retails for $110, but studio audience, you have yrs free. and that's not all! hold this, darling. you are also all going home with la vanla gift set. you argetting everything from the signature fragrance and by wash, the candle and all of the la vanilla products are100% natural. this gift is wor $120,ut you get it for free! i nt to thank todas guests and my co-host. tomorrow on th show from "the soup and" and nbc's "community" joe mcheal will be here d amanda dekagnay will be here a well. we'll send another westboundy audien member into the money booth. it will a great show, and i hope you'll be watching tomoow. bye-bye. -- captions by vitac --
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